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Season for West Nile Disease

As reported by the City of Plano Health Dept. on Sept 4, 2020, the first reported case of West Nile Virus was reported. The city on Thursday, Sept 3, 2020 sent out work crews to spray the reported area.  (see link for area of Plano affected)  Not that we don’t  have enough to worry about now comes West Nile.  Are animals infected by this virus?  Only Very few cases of West Nile has been found in the blood of dogs and cats. However, birds, squirrels, horses and a few other non domesticated animals can carry the virus and become extremely ill or die. This virus is transmitted by a mosquito or tick bit that carries the virus.  It has been discovered that oral transmission is also possible.  It is important to keep dogs and cats away from dead squirrel and birds.

Each year from early Spring time, we are warned of the dangers of West Nile virus. We are told to remove standing water, clean water buckets and tanks to prevent mosquito breeding, remove any dead bird or squirrel to prevent your dog from eating it. It is important to provide monthly flea and tick preventative becasue ticks have been known to carry that disease. At Petr Are Inn, we require all guests to be covered by Flea and Tick preventative.  this not only protects our valued guests but protects our vans and host homes as well from any flea or tick infestation.

Horses can contract the virus and there is a vaccine they can be given to protect them which is definitely recommended. We recommend giving it in the spring, just before the worst of the mosquito season. Putting fans in stalls that blow over the horses may help decrease mosquito feeding.

W Nile Case in plano


Does Your Dog Suffer from Arthritis?

What is Arthritis? One in 5 dogs will develop some form of arthritis.  Arthritis is common in large breeds, however, some smaller breeds will develop arthritis  from other diseases such as diabetes, obesity and metabolic disorders. The most common is osteoarthritis or degenerative joint disease.  As dogs age, their bones or cartilage in their joints… Continue Reading

Dog Food Recalls for February 2019

Dog Food Recalls for February 2019

Several Dog food companies are recalling their dog food. Check the list below to see if you have any of these potential brands in your pantry. .Blue Buffalo voluntarily recalls one lot of Blue Wilderness Rocky Mountain recipe, Red Meat Dinner Wet Food for Adult Dogs due to potential health risk UPC 840243101153 Best Buy… Continue Reading

Why do Cats Love Boxes?

            Do you ever wonder why cats love to squeeze into boxes? Kitties are curious creatures by nature.  They are predators/hunters. Ever watch your kitty stalk her/his prey, then run back to the hiding place under a table or in a dark corner? Cats need to sharpen their nails and… Continue Reading

Is Popcorn Safe for My Dog?

                Nothing brings more joy to most dogs than helping you clean up after movie night. Popcorn always finds its way into couch cushions and onto the floor, where our dogs are happy to “clean” them up. The question most of us forget to ask ourselves, however, is… Continue Reading