Dog Boarding & Pet Sitting Services near Allen TX

Are you looking for reputable pet sitting and dog boarding services in Allen, TX? If so, you have come to the right place.

For many years, Pets Are Inn has helped pet owners alleviate the stress and anxiety that stems from leaving your favorite furry friend behind while you’re on vacation, at work or unable to provide them with the care he or she needs. We have worked with all types of dogs and cats and we tailor our services to suit the specific needs of your pet.

What Separates Us From Other Pet Sitters

At Pets Are Inn, we pride ourselves on making your pet’s stay as comfortable and routine as possible. Notably, your dog will continue his or her daily exercises, will still be able to enjoy his or her favorite toys and he or she will continue to get the attention and love he or she is accustomed to receiving from you and your family. We meet with our clients to find out what their pet’s day is like, then we customize the perfect schedule for him or her.

Another thing that separates us from other dog boarding services is that we only put your pet in a kennel or crate if that is what you request for him or her to sleep in or if that is what he or she is used to during the day. Moreover, we usually only place one pet in a host’s home, so you need not worry about your pet feeling overcrowded. Our host families are not just teenagers looking for extra cash; instead they’re single family homeowners with great fences who, on average, have worked with Pets Are Inn for about 14 years.

Last, but certainly not least, providing pet sitting in Allen, TX is our full-time job. For other pet sitting services, this job is an afterthought; for us, it’s our primary business and we take tremendous pride in providing the care your beloved pet deserves.

Rather than typing “petting sitting near me” into your phone or computer, simply trust in the experts at Pets Are Inn when you need reliable pet sitting or dog boarding services in Allen, TX. For more information contact us at 972-424-8400.